I’m writing this blog in hopes that I can remember having a voice. These past few years, I’ve been forced to write academically. When starting my first blog draft, I realized that the ability to crank out essays, due several hours before the deadline, comes in clutch short-term. Like most things, when you half-ass something, you end up facing the consequences. One of the side-effects I now struggle with is writing a simple blog post - I put too much pressure on what I'm trying to say, rather than simply speaking from the heart. My words are no longer based upon a grade, but the vulnerability of myself.  Not only is that what makes this frustrating, but I also still catch myself hiding behind transition words and elaborate sentences. I want to get better though, so bear with me...

Even though I have a terrible track record of not finishing what I started, music is what I want to see come into fruition.  Music is something that I’m sure of. I really feel like I’m made for this, that this is my God-given calling and ability. Seriously, I would trade it all to play pro basketball or even settle into a stable career... but no, my music is what I strongly feel called to, and I can’t stray away no matter how hard I try. There are times where I go months without writing a song and suddenly, a burst of various melodies and lyrics appear. That’s what keeps me going. That’s what reassures my existence. For this reason, I need to acquire the skill of hard work.

Currently where I am in my life goes way beyond music. I want to be a focal point in the local community and inspire people like me to create - people who have been overlooked; open-minded individuals who’ve felt boxed in, bullied, depressed; someone who feels no worth. I’ve been there, and currently fighting thru those mental battles, but if it wasn’t for art I wouldn’t know how to healthfully express those things. So even though my sound may change, know that my intentions are the inspire. Every song I write is an extension of who I truly am.

Moving forward, I hope this blog becomes a space where I share my journey, connect with those who are listening, and to reflect on the moments that will signify who I become. With such gratitude and humility, I appreciate everyone who has been alongside of me. Whether it be from the beginning, last year, today, or even after reading this. My heart is filled with love and inspiration.